Mechanisation and equipment

We arrange supplies of all the material, technology and mechanisation necessary for growing in the cultivation greenhouse.

We are a supplier and service partner of the Hoogendoorn system for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Dutch company Hoogendoorn is one of the world’s three largest suppliers of cultivation greenhouse climate control computers.

For the Czech and Slovak republics, we are a supplier and service partner of the Dutch company Berg Hortimotive, the world’s leading producer of machinery for cultivation greenhouses. We supply harvesting carts and solutions for internal logistics, hydraulic carts for treating plants, plant protection techniques and complex systems and lines for packing, weighing and shipping.

For the Czech and Slovak republics, we are a supplier of coconut substrate for cultivation greenhouses. The coconut substrate comes from coconut waste in Sri Lanka – from ground and dried husks. Van der Knapp is the world leader in the field. Unlike mineral wool, coconut substrate contributes to the full sustainability of cultivation in greenhouses, to protecting the environment, and is fully recyclable, so after the growing season in the greenhouse it can be used as an excellent garden substrate.

Our services

Design and preparation

Processing of project documentation at all levels, engineering activities, author's supervision.

Turnkey construction

Construction of industrial heated greenhouses turnkey for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Grant administration

Ensuring optimal conditions for financing the project through loans or grants.

Mechanisation and equipment

Ensuring the supply of all materials and supplies required for planting in the greenhouse production.

Consulting and training

A comprehensive training program and advice on launching new projects.

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