Design and preparation of buildings

Why choose us for project preparation

We have been bringing New World Technologies to our customers for more than 25 years. We are the largest supplier of cultivation greenhouses in the Czech Republic, and during the preparation of your project we are ready to share with you our experience gained during the construction process of greenhouses.

Preparation of project documentation and arranging building permits

The good preparation of the project is important for the successful implementation of the cultivation greenhouse. Well-designed project documentation saves time for the investor during the building process of the cultivation greenhouse as well as money invested in realisation itself. We are the largest company specialised in project preparation on the Czech and Slovak cultivation greenhouse market. We offer the preparation of project documentation at all levels, including the provision of complete project management activities through the team of our own engineers of technological units with professional authorisation for building engineering, electrical engineering, building services and measurement & regulation. We have processed the project documentation and have handled building permits for almost two dozen cultivation greenhouse projects, and we are working intensively on the preparation of other projects.

Preparation for cultivation greenhouse realisation

We offer our customers full service that includes the preparation of the project documentation in the stage for selecting the contractor, processing of the economic model of the project, cooperation in requesting and arranging financial services from the bank, preparation of the application and complex administration of the investment subsidy from the SAIF and filing the application and administration of the application for interest support from the investment loan from PGRLF.

Our services

Design and preparation

Processing of project documentation at all levels, engineering activities, author's supervision.

Turnkey construction

Construction of industrial heated greenhouses turnkey for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Grant administration

Ensuring optimal conditions for financing the project through loans or grants.

Mechanisation and equipment

Ensuring the supply of all materials and supplies required for planting in the greenhouse production.

Consulting and training

A comprehensive training program and advice on launching new projects.

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