Cultivation greenhouses

We build cultivation greenhouses for the hydroponic cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We run our own cultivation greenhouses and offer training and advice to new producers.

Our services

Design and preparation

Processing of project documentation at all levels, engineering activities, author's supervision.

Turnkey construction

Construction of industrial heated greenhouses turnkey for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Grant administration

Ensuring optimal conditions for financing the project through loans or grants.

Mechanisation and equipment

Ensuring the supply of all materials and supplies required for planting in the greenhouse production.

Consulting and training

A comprehensive training program and advice on launching new projects.

Our projects

We cultivate premium tomato varieties that customers literally become addicted to.

The first year of the conference will present a number of innovations in the field of vegetable growing in production greenhouses. The conference is for invited guests only.

Our mission is to help Czechs eat more locally grown vegetables of the best possible taste for 12 months a year.

We've connected independent Slovak farmers and now we offer fresh vegetables under a common brand.

In 2017, together with other farmers, we founded a non-profit sales team called "Čerstvě utrženo".

Video: building of Smržice greenhouse

Hectares of greenhouse area

Production greenhouses

Year-round cultivation

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