Consulting and training

    • We offer assistance when starting your project. For new producers we offer a comprehensive training program during greenhouse realisation.

We also offer the services of our experienced staff, who will work full time with your new greenhouse managers during the first few months of operation right in your new greenhouse to help and advise you:


  • when recruiting workers for a new cultivation greenhouse
  • in creating a remuneration system based on labour productivity
  • when organising work in the greenhouse
  • with the control of all systems and technologies
  • in the selection and application of plant protection
  • with energy management
  • with the purchase of all the operating needs, material and equipment of the greenhouse
  • with selling your products
  • with arranging all other operational activities

Our services

Design and preparation

Processing of project documentation at all levels, engineering activities, author's supervision.

Turnkey construction

Construction of industrial heated greenhouses turnkey for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Grant administration

Ensuring optimal conditions for financing the project through loans or grants.

Mechanisation and equipment

Ensuring the supply of all materials and supplies required for planting in the greenhouse production.

Consulting and training

A comprehensive training program and advice on launching new projects.

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