Bezdínek farm

The Czech Republic took the dismal last place in Europe together with Luxembourg in production of vegetables per capita. We want to change this and offer Czech people more locally cultivated delicious vegetables year-round. Therefore, throughout the year we produce the most delicious varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers on Bezdínek. Daily we harvest by hands 7 000 kg of healthy and perfectly ripe with respect to nature. Distribution and packaging of our tomatoes to retail chains is provided by ČEROZ group.


We cultivate in organic substrate; plants are water primarily with rain water and the excess water is recycled. For the protection of plants from pests we use biological protection. Year round we employ up to 150 local people in single shift operation, usually Monday to Friday.


Our farm includes a shop, where you can buy fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and a sample greenhouse where we happily show you and describe to you how the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers on our farm works.


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